CardanoGPT Announces the Beta Launch of an Innovative AI Chatbot, Girolamo, on Cardano Blockchain

Published Date: 04 Dec 2023

CardanoGPT, an innovative company in development of blockchain based AI products, has officially announced the beta launch of its AI-powered chatbot, Girolamo. This initiative marks a substantial advancement in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. Named after the influential Italian mathematician Girolamo Cardano, the chatbot intends to symbolize the fusion of historical intellectual legacy with contemporary technological innovation.

Beta Testing and User Participation

Girolamo is engineered to provide a range of functionalities, including content generation, image generation, and image interpretation, which are tailored to accommodate diverse user inquiries. This suite of capabilities enables the chatbot to offer real-time, contextually aware responses, extending its utility beyond standard blockchain applications.

The inclusion of image-related functionalities represents a significant technological stride, enhancing the interactive experience and broadening the scope of its applicability.

To participate in the beta testing phase of Girolamo, users are required to hold a minimum of 5000 CGI tokens, as outlined by CardanoGPT.

Access to the chatbot is facilitated through the CardanoGPT Discord server, where users undergo a wallet verification process. Upon successful verification, users are granted the cyborg role, enabling them to interact directly with Girolamo in the designated chat channel.

How to Purchase CardanoGPT Ecosystem Token ($CGI)

Users can Purchase CardanoGPT ecosystem token ($CGI) on WingRiders Decentralized Exchange HERE.

CardanoGPT’s announcement emphasizes that Girolamo is still in its beta phase, suggesting ongoing development and potential enhancements. This phase is critical for assessing the chatbot’s performance, user experience, and overall functionality within the Cardano ecosystem. The company has highlighted its commitment to continuous innovation and development, aiming to maintain a leading position in the convergence of AI and blockchain technology.

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