Positive Market Sentiment Accelerated BTMT Price Growth in First Month of Public Sale

Published Date: 31 Oct 2023

December 1, 2023 – Since the launch of the token’s public sale on November 1 of 2023, BTMT has increased in value from 1 BTMT = $0.103 to 1 BTMT = $0.128 on November 30, representing a growth of 24% in value during one month’s time. The token price will increase linearly throughout the public sale to value up to 1 BTMT = 0.200 MATIC. Following that, BTMT is expected to launch on public crypto exchanges.

“With BTMT pegged to MATIC, our utility token experienced a much steeper price increase, mainly due to the positive sentiment in the crypto market,” commented Peter Sumer, CEO of BITmarkets and added: “As MATIC’s price has recently soared, BTMT’s value in USD has increased by more than 350% for those who bought it at the best price during the private sale phase this spring.”

As of November 30 of 2023, the statistics of BTMT are as follows:

64% of BTMT holders are earning more than 100% on their investments.

4% of BTMT holders are earning more than 200% on their investments.

1% of BTMT holders are earning more than 300% on their investments.

The total minted supply of BTMT on deployment is 300 million tokens, and the allocation to the public sale accounts for 60 million tokens (20%). With the built-in deflationary mechanism, the final supply of the token will reduce to 200 million, and the burning process will make its price increasingly attractive.

BITmarkets Token (BTMT) is a native exchange utility token that provides its holders with cryptocurrency trading benefits, including significantly lower trading fees, personalized support from a dedicated team of experts and voting rights on platform features. In addition, purchasing BTMT supports ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) projects and token holders can participate in their selection.

BITmarkets is a cryptocurrency exchange, which offers 24/7 support in 15 languages. Traders can engage in spot trading in 150+ cryptocurrencies as well as trade unique futures contracts. For more information, explore bitmarkets.com.